Carlos Tevez Again?


“He is finished for me. If I had my way he’d be out of the club. I decide the changes” He continues “I cannot accept this. Can you imagine a Bayern Munich, Milan or Manchester United player doing this?” Roberto Mancini of Manchester City, fuming not only because his team just lost to Bayern Munich 2-0.  Why?  One of his highest paid players, Carlos Tevez (of Argentina)  refused to get on to the pitch of play to aid his team in a prestigious Champions league Encounter! He felt he should have started the game and not have been on the bench at game start! Sounds crazy? Out of his mind or has he a point?

In football there is a hierarchy to accept, otherwise its useless becoming a pro footballer. There is : 1, The club management (who employ and pay the coaches and players) 2, The coach  ( who is responsible for proposing and in some countries physically buy and sell the players he needs-for example England- , he is also responsible for preparing the team and selecting who plays at any given time. Finally, 3: the players.  In most cases 22 in a  team i.e. 2 players for each wing but, but,?.. Only 11 can start a game. That is where the Tevez dilemma emanated.

Some believe that by refusing to get on the pitch of play, Tevez breached his contract and in so many ways showed a lack of respect to his team mates (who were suffering a defeat in the hands of an in-form Bayern Munich side on the night) and to his club coach and management. He is reported to be on weekly “fortune like” wage scale and to refuse to play is to most people I have spoken to, incomprehensible.

In Germany for example,for less,a club has a right and most definitely would cease to pay him any penny more!

This latest  from the Argentine is the pinnacle of a rocky relationship with his boss, following a summer in which Tevez insisted he never wants to return to the city, even on holiday, after he has left the club. He at the time, in all fairness, was trying to force a transfer from his reluctant to sell club, Manchester city to elsewhere.

The champions league is the most prestigious club championship that there is and what an occasion to prove your coach wrong for not starting you, than to get into a losing encounter and show a good impact!  Then let your boss know he was wrong for “benching” you. That Would have been a different issue!

Furthermore By refusing to play, he might have not only the club against him now, but his colleagues, the fans and few reasonable clubs would be keen to sign him now!

Some further argue that this further goes to confirm why Sir Alex Ferguson decided not to keep him at Manchester united, after winning the champions league in 2008!

Tevez might argue that he has long made it clear that he no longer wanted to be part of the club. He had regularly highlighted that his family were not happy in Manchester and the managers’ training style were not good,in his opinion. But i guess  He knew this before he signed (having lived and been an ex Manchester United Player) His huge wages should be “temporary”compensation for his family’s home sickness. Most soccer professionals i know,would “die” to be in his shoes some say!

Tevez might argue that if the club refused to let him go freely in the summer, on the basis that they needed him, why then put him on the bench for such an important encounter?

He might tell us that as a passionate southerner ” money is not everything” to him and his family, but that playing as much games as he can, and the joy of friends and family are more important. mmmm funny how mostly those who have money seem to often highlight that it is not so important or everything!

He might argue that since he is still willing to leave, and with the December transfer windows around the corner, this was an opportunity to force a move at an even ridiculous cheaper selling price. Since the club would most probably not want him anymore and hence,what use would it be keeping a very expensive player on your payroll if he is useless? This however assumes that he has a club waiting to sign him and assume his pay cheque. Possible destinations could be Anzhi Makhachkala (Russia), Paris St Germain (France) Corinthians (Brazil).

I believe that in all,On a good day Tevez is an excellent player, exciting to watch, dangerous with and without the ball, but he might have shot himself in the foot by his actions and utterances. Only time will tell us more!

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