Crazy Or God sent ?

God talks to us in mysterious ways. It’s no secret that the deeper in sin as we go as humans, the more distant he has been to us ! We just keep sinning against ourselves in corruption and egoism!

He sends us Prophets and in the image of his son Jesus Christ,these prophets all come in unusual forms and from neutral places than unexpected,but after they are gone from the phase of the earth we realize they were not so odd after all!

“Water,lighti,foodu,housi,ye paripa oh” …. ‘Prophet’  Fela Anikulapo kuti (1982 Suffering and Smiling):   Warning us of the existence and call to action for the need to fix and attend to these problematic deficiencies that were ailing Nigerians in particular and Africa in general otherwise they could end up being near unsolvable!

Today in the year 2015, 33 years Later, after the  “Prophet spoke”  Here is the Sad situation that Nigerians have to live with daily:

Water:  “Nah so-so Water for Africa” & “Ordinary water for man to drink for town Nko-O? he no dey,where you go see am”

If you need water, you have to either dig your own water Well,Bore hole or buy water etc otherwise you will die of thirst! Due to the in existence of reliable  Government water Authorities is now a thing people do not dare talk about anymore.

Nigeria is Overflowing with water Be it  lakes, streams,rivers and the athlantic Ocean. talk less of the ever present rainy seasons.


Light (Electricity) : “Nah so-so Sunlight for Africa’ & ‘Light for ordinary man for town now, Nko-O? e no dey”

People are their own Electric Power authorities thanks to Generators. That notwithstanding the light bills are still being paid though electricity comes and Goes (If it comes at all)

Whereas  Nigeria is a hot land filled with coal, oil and sunlight. Our potential for limitless energy is enormous.  What Europeans dream about.

Unfortunately only the Very few rich people have their electricity thanks to aforementioned power generators . Darkness is the order for the majority.

Why then do we have these ridiculous periods where there is no light? when we have in abundance : coal, oil and sunlight, why does a normal man have to wake, eat and sleep in darkness?

Thousands  die due to power failures by the way!


Food:  ” Nah so-so Land dey for Africa” & “Ordinary food for man to chop for town Nko-O?”


The price of food is scary in a land so arable it is the envy of most African nations. production has taken a knock for decades now due to concentration on Oil and The Billions that come from it!

Though we have farms, game reserves and plenty of vegetation in our many forests to feed our people we still starve and have food scarcity!


House (housing) : “House matter nah different matter”

Imagine a two bedroom flat costing  more or less 300,000 naira per annum as house rent! the cost is crippling !

This song (prophecy by Fela rightfully way back then takes a tone at the end that goes thus: ” Before we all go jeifa head ooh,we must be ready to fight for am ooh, me I say suffer head must goooooo ,Jeifa head must come”

He was calling Nigeria and Africa to act that before we all are to enjoy life, we must work for it and the fact that the situation today is worse than it was back then in 1982 (31 years ago) says it all! We have not worked to eradicate this and hence the Prophecy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti Fell on deaf ears!

Reading this one might erroneously think that our dear Nigeria is a poor nation, but no, this is about one of the most blessed Nations on the face of the earth, with the largest “Black man Power” in the world, blessed with so much water (Atlantic Ocean, River Niger, Benue etc) enough to generate Electricity for Two countries talk less of Billions of Dollars generated from Oil sales that it further saddens the heart.

Ebola Is ripping our continent apart and we see more European leaders and activists on television giving comfort and guideance to Africans more than our own leaders.God has giving us everything and further spared us natural disasters,but we worsen our own disasters.

The reason why we are still suffering? : corruption, mismanagement and colonial mentality!

God does still speak to us in mysterious ways ,the problem is that we hear but don’t Listen. may God save Mother Nigeria! Happy 55th birthday to all my countrymen!


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  • Have Hope says:

    Very sad. An infinite regression. Vicious cycle. There may be hope for the new generation, but they also seem a bit messed up as well….


  • Rita says:

    So true and well spoken by the great Fela. But hey, I enjoyed the music more than anything. Haven’t heard this in more than 15 years! Thanks for posting this, great memories. , makes me home sick…

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