How To Shoot !

The ability to Accurately and powerfully shoot at goal in football is more than important,so much as it could determine who is a star player from a “normal” player. Without going into details we share with some power points that could help you get better or better understand how to shoot:

-Know Where The Goal Post Is At All Times Before Engaging To Strike The Ball


-Non Kicking Foot Placed At The Side Of The Ball And Slightly Bent


-Use Face Of Foot To Shoot


-Eyes Fixed On The Ball Point To Strike


-Focus On Hitting The Ball In The Middle


-Head Bent Downwards


-Head Fixed And Held Steady On Contact With The Ball


– Knee Over Ball On Contact


-Apply Power From Run In And Not At 100% Force.. 70% Will Do


-Keep Eyes On The Ball At All Times :  Before ,During And After Making Contact With Ball


-Engage With A Forwards Movement When Striking The Ball


-Use Arms To Balance And Propel Forwards


-Final Steps Before Contact Should Be Short (Small) Steps




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