How To Become A Pro. Footballer


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  • Oussama Oussalem says:

    hi everyone, my name as you see is Oussama Oussalem, from young age my dream was and stills being a professional footballer but the biggest contraste of my dream is my family who wants me to be a surgeon or a doctor and the big big contrast is that i live in Morocco a country in north africa and people here don’t believe at the profession of football
    I planned to leave my country to Germany but i still young to travel and old to join a football academy wich will help me to complete my dream and be a footballer. All i want from you guys is helping me to achieve my dream and give me solutions to my problem. Thanks a lot

  • Mamar Kingsley says:

    My name is Kingsley, I’ve had this passion for football since I was in my primary school but have never had the chance to play for any club because my dad never allowed me except now that I’m in the University (University of Nigeria Nsukka) that I play for my department . I come from a poor background and I’m willing to leave school for football. It’s in my blood, I breathe in football and breathe out football. Please help me +2347066263832

  • nuhu musah says:

    I am a 16 year old boy in Ghana(west Africa),my dream is becoming a professional football player. But chances in my country is very low so I need help from you guys. Please!!


    Hello, I’m a born Nigerian, but I study in Ukraine, I want to play for my country, I believe and know that I have all it takes to be a wonderful footballer for my country.

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