The Special One Becomes ‘The Unwanted One’

 Mourinho-Complaining“I know in England I’m loved. I’m loved by the fans, I’m loved by the media that treats me in a fair way, criticising me but giving me credit when I deserve it. I know I’m loved by some clubs, especially one, and in Spain the situation is a bit different because some people hate me. Many of you are in this room”

“I like the club (Madrid), I like the president, I need to be honest and fair and at the end of the season I speak” .. Jose Mourinho

No sooner had the referee blown the final whistle, to signal defeat for Real Madrid, when the self-proclaimed “Special One” once again tried to shy away from explaining failure and stole the headlines. He insinuated an imminent departure from Real Madrid.

Jose Mourinho was brought in to Madrid, primarily, to bring Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona dominance of Spanish and European football to an end and to bring back to Madrid the elusive (11 years) Champions League .


In May 2010 Jose Mourinho was unveiled as the coach of Real Madrid. He achieved:

    La Liga league Title: 2011/12
    Copa del Rey: 2010/11
    Super Copa de Espana: 2012

Mourinho has won every domestic title available for a manager in the Spanish top division within three years. This feat means he became the only coach who has won the national Super Cups in four different European countries (Portugal, England, Italy and Spain). He became the first manager in history to win every domestic title, the league championship, cup, super cup, and league cup, in four European leagues.

Under his watch, Real Madrid reached the semifinals of the Champions League for the third consecutive year.

He spent a total of about €72 million on players in his first weeks. More than that was spent on players in the next two years.

Obviously he should think he has been a success in Madrid but I feel his era has come to an end, not only at Madrid but also as regards being the world’s best coach.

The million dollar question is: Why was he brought to Madrid in the first place and did he deliver?

On many occasions his side was humiliated and beaten to the top prize by Josep Guardiola’s Barcelona. Most significant was the 5-0 drubbing at the Nou Camp in his very first El Clasico, which he admitted was the worst defeat he suffered as a coach.

While he was at Madrid, Barcelona have won the La Liga title twice, the Super cup and the European Champions League.

These are some Reasons why Mourinho’s Era is Termed by Many a Failure:


Football in Spain is totally different from what is played and expected in countries like England, Portugal or Italy, where Mourinho has excelled.

In Spain it is not just enough to win titles to be considered the best. The manner you go about it has to be beautiful, with passing play and full of creative and spectacular play.

If you observe even the lower teams fighting against relegation, the passing game and beautiful game is present. This takes a special kind of coaching skill and, sad to say, this is not one of the skills Mourinho has or is best at.

His inability to get his Madrid team to play defensively as a block, come out blazing in counter attack and exploit the opponents’ offered spaces, as he was able to do at Chelsea and Inter Milan, have been responsible for the unfulfilled objectives.


Madrid have always been a special team to manage as regards the problems the senior indigenous players pose to any coach. Fabio Cappello met this problem and dealt with it but had to leave twice in a hurry. Pellegrini, Gus Hiddink and Jupp Heynckes all had problems dealing with this. None of them had it so openly blown out of proportion like Mourinho.

It was so bad that, for months prior to dropping Captain Ike Cassillas, the two barely spoke to one another.


Though recently he has had the upper hand in confrontations with Barcelona, Barcelona’s Tiki Taka football and Lionel Messi have been a major influence on the negatives aimed at Mourinho. Once again they are crowned champions at Madrid’s expense.

Mourinho was brought in but Barcelona kept on dominating and only allowed Madrid sporadic success. The question Madrid fans kept on asking was: Why is he here then?

In all, Jose Mourinho is a great coach. You do not win titles accidentally on a regular basis. You must be exceptional. I feel he is professional but I also believe that his time is up, definitely in Spain and also as a world-dominating coach.

The world seems to be tired of his arrogance, controversies and ‘I know it better than you all’ attitude. With the influx of revolutionary young coaches and with Jorgen Klopp, Guardiola and the “foxy ” Sir Alex Ferguson still around, his antics have grown obsolete. In most major national clubs he has burnt his bridges so he may have a problem getting a club.

He is obviously courting, and begging, the English to bail him out. Manchester City or Chelsea could be the next destination he desires.

Is he now the “Unwanted One”? Time will tell.

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