How Brazil Went From Giants To Midgets


Brazil-from-Giants-to-midgetsThe status Spain enjoys today as “the peoples must see team” is the one Brazil held in the past!

African nations in the 80’s adopted Brazil as their representatives and “wish” champions as most African Nations were then absent!

Brazil were football pioneers, “Samba” football protagonists  and all kinds of beautiful and spectacular soccer actions were ascribed to the colourful Brazilians. Endless world star players were exported and dominated world soccer: Pele,Garrincha,Carlos Alberto,Ronaldo Da lima,Bebeto,Ronaldinho,Romario,Roberto Carlos,Socrates,Zico,Falcao,Eder,Rivaldo etc

From 1958 till 1970,Brazil won 3 of the 4 world cups staged by FIFA,It dominated most youth tournaments and it was usual to have the List of FIFA’S Ten World best players  candidates dominated by Brazilian players.They were regularly Ranked as FIFA ‘S Nr 1 Team like modern day Spain.

Currently,Brazil is ranked a disappointing  22nd in the world (Mali is just behind on 23rd Place) and have failed to get on the podium since 2002 world cup, where they were led by Ronaldo Da Lima and crowned at the expense of the Germans! As they Prepare to host the prestigious FIFA Confederations cup 2013 and the World cup proper in June 2014, We evaluate how this giants of world football became relatively Midgets!

Evolution of World Soccer

The physiognomy of football has changed drastically in recent years! Gone are teams structured around individual play and exploits but more around better defences play and more on “team tactics” and play.

When it comes to manoeuvring the ball and doing all kinds of tricks with it, eliminate the opponent on one on one situations, few can rival in the world with Brazilian players, but where they come short in recent years is the ability to inter combine as a team and dominate packed defences and Midfields as is the case with Modern football!

Modern football is no longer formed around one on one duels but more on team oriented play and Pressure with and without the ball.


Physical ¨play and National culture

A team that plays like the Europeans (Result oriented) will be booed in Brazil since the football culture demands spectacular play and “circus” like gests even if they might not be productive.

The physical input demanded and present in team these days in Successful countries is quite difficult to adapt to by the Brazilians hence they have problems dominating at the moment

Better Runumerations in the Local League!

The Brazilian league has had a serious Financial boom in recent years and players therefore do not need to, at all cost,go over to “work” oriented European Football leagues to earn a living (and add eventually into their baggage the off the ball discipline that Europeans are known fThat hunger seems far from what it used to be.

This is not the First time that a major decline has hit Brazil, After the successes of the late 50’s,60’s and the early 70’s spearheaded by The best player to ever play Football, Pele, Brazil went on a world cup and world dominating stage absence, for 24 years, only to be crowned once again in  USA 1994 with a team modelled with Brazilian attackers but European style defence line and Midfield. They won it again 8 years later and at the form of the moment, really do not look like world beaters.

The London Olympics 2012 saw them once again lose the  gold medal to Mexico and once again reminded the world how hugely talented they could be, but lack the means to conquer.

As hosts of theConfederation cup,which kicks off in a few days and as they host the world cup, we ask: will they wait another 24 years before they top world football again or will they renew world domination? Are these erstwhile world Giants finally going to grow out from being recent midgets.? The die is cast…





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