Has Arsenal Sold One Too Many?

Once again Arsenal Fans are starting the season gnashing their teeth and asking, when is this seeming madness of constant sale of their best players going to end? When will they renew bragging rights with other Big Boys of the Premier league? Why? Arsenal just sold their most prolific player, Robijn Van Persie to Rivals, Manchester United!

 In all fairness to the Arsenal Board of directors, they did offer Van Persie an extension to his soon expiring contract (2013) but the player refused citing the seeming lack of silverware ambition of Arsenal.

I do not know about you my dear readers, but am becoming bored with this lame excuse by players seeking to leave Arsenal. This was the same excuse Sami Nasri & co cited when they sought their exit last season.

 Why can’t these players just be man enough like Cristiano Ronaldo did when he left Manchester united for Real Madrid ( He just clearly stated that he had had his time at Man. United and wanted to try something else and the fans of United still love and respect him till date!

 What seems to be bothering me for the diehard Arsenal fans is that once again they are starting off a new season with so much uncertainty as to if this time around will they survive at the top!

 Arsenal under Arsene Wenger as Manager, has a custom of building up one star player as a base for success. This has brought them a lot of success in the past, Thierry Henry, Patrick Viera, Cesc Fabregas and lately Robijn Van Persie.

 The Problem however, is that these players outgrow the club and rivals buy them not just only because they are world class players but I feel to weaken Arsenal is also a possibility.

 Thierry Henry was the main man and Captain for Arsenal for years, center of attention, scoring world class goals one after the other and fans felt and thought they could not do without him. Barcelona came calling, and their Golden Goose left. He also cited the urge to win the elusive champions league as a major reason behind his acceptance of the champions league Title Rivals’ offer!

 His sale brought in loads of money and many thought Arsenal were doomed! But the Era of the next Prince in person of Cesc Fabregas was born.

Though often injured, he did great things for Arsenal and funny enough his last European Game for Arsenal was against his future employers Barcelona, who priced away this prince and shook the foundation of Arsenal and sparked the wrath of several fans!

 The debut of the Season that followed the departure of Fabregas was disastrous to say the least and many, myself included, feared for Arsene Wengers’ Job as manager of Arsenal. They struggled, lost to very modest opponents and at one point were way down as the 16th position on the league Table.

 No one was prepared for what followed! The New Captain and “prince” Van Persie, who prior to last season was so fragile as regards incessant injuries, rose up and played the best season of his career and life! He scored 21 league Goals and 5 assists, rarely missing a match and just phenomenal in European games. His Goal Vs Barcelona in London summed up his season, just Pure Genius stuff!

 But come this August day 2012, Van Persie has toed the line of his predecessors, he just signed for Manchester united and this time around I really do feel Arsenal Fans have cause to be worried and ask their directors questions!

In response Arsenal signed on Frenchman and striker Olivier Giroud from French league Winners, Montpellier, as Replacement. He was impressive last season in France, even though it is obvious the English premier league is another caliber compared to the French league!

 I personally do not understand why Arsenal year in,year out have to wait till the beginning of the season to settle transfer issues. It was obvious this player did not want to stay anymore and this should have been sorted out in june. Now this has disturbed their preparations for the new season.

 I feel also that Arsene Wengers politic of often signing French players,players from the French league or players to the French league is now a failed solution. There are good players elsewhere too and the Arsenal fans deserve better!

 We are not saying that Arsenal should go bankrupt in other to attract world star players to win titles,but should the Title wait be unbearable it could cost Arsene Wenger and the Board dearly!

 As Far as we are concerned, the question that comes to mind is Will Arsenal survive miraculously as they did last season? First indications are not so good ;first league game ended Goalless vs. modest Sunderland at the Emirates Stadium in London! Did i hear you hiss? 🙂

 We wish Arsenal Fans all the best and lots of patience!


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