Greatest Footballer Of All Time?

Pelé-vs-MaradonaIf you were born after 1990 you are excused for not really having vivid memories of these two legends we will be profiling today!

 They are widely  considered by many as the two best players ever to grace the football pitch. Today we analyze  for your pleasure, coupled with video clips the prowess of these two greats and eventually ask you to decide, which of these two players is the absolute best player of all time.

 Yes,Of course, we are talking about Edson Arantes do Nascimento  (a.k.a Pele) and Diego ‘Amando’ Maradona (a.k.a) ‘El pibe D’oro’ (the golden foot)

 They played in different generations, Pele retired In 1977 ,at the time, Diego Maradona was just a young 17 year old breaking into the Argentina National Youth teams!

Diego Maradona retired from active football as a player in 1997, a twenty years gap separate both legends!  But they still command the accolade of world best two players!



Maradona Vs Pele

 They never played in the same generation, Pele retired In 1977 as at the time Maradona was just a young 17 year old, whilst Diego retired in 1997, a twenty years gap separate both legends! Need i say they are not the best of friends?




Maradona Vs Pele

Thanks to we put at your disposal some more stats that further compare these two.

 maradona vs pele


In all they both played in Four (4) FIFA World Cups each, Pele won 3 (1958,1962 and 1970) and Diego won it once in 1986.

In summary these two legends had the most important qualities in football! they had speed, highest level of ball control,vision,dribbling skills and an above  average knowledge and ability to read the game and their opponents.

Most of all not only did they score loads and loads of goals at free will it seemed, they could lead and inspire team mates and in fact their nation to world title glory!

 The fact however that Pele was able to play with Four different generations of his nation’s national team and lead them to three world cup titles after Four trials(the fourth one in England he did not finish, carried out injured)  definitely in my opinion seals him up as the best of all time!


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  • Bayo Oyelude says:

    Pele is the greatest in and outside the field of play. His skills, vision and capacity to get to the top of his game is legendary.

  • Mitchelle says:


  • hilll says:

    of course maradona. anyona who knows about football would choose him. pele es the biggest lie in the history of football. hewas a marketing stunt promoted by fifa, not even in the top five of brazil. he claimed he won three world cups as he speaks in third person but he only really played one, and with the best side brazil ever had. there was a poll conducted by fifa to decide who was the best of the century, maradona won by far, even in brazil, but because of his bad relations with fifa they made another price (no poll) giving another award to pele and calling a tie. fifa is a joke and so is pele. only those who know nothing about this sport can choose him over maradona

  • messi_wc says:

    If Messi will win the world cup he will be the best

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