Germany’s Special Traits, Worth Emulating For Success!


In almost every positive aspect of life, the Germans are either at the top or on the podium. Those who have been fortunate enough to live, visit and really mingle with Germany and its inhabitants will have a firsthand knowledge of this!

Be it social security, infrastructure, health system, politics, welfare, social life, and above all in our regards, sports, they don’t settle for anything less than the best or aiming to be the best.

The 2018 world cup qualifiers is on full mode now and seeming effortlessly, the Germans are not only on track to qualify and defend their world champions title ,but are doing it in style and might just achieve that goal in record time.

At the just concluded Rio Olympics, the Germans were “unlucky” Silver medalists losing out to eventual winners Brazil on penalties.

This feat they achieved with a team that, with all due respect, qualify as its 5th best choice of players for the German national team. In fact the team met at the airport on the way to RIO for the first time as a complete team. It is believed that they trained for the first time as a complete team in Rio just days to their first match.

Germans have a mind set and organizational manner of being, that perfectly serves as a catalyst to sporting success. Worth not only taking note of, emulating but if possible, improving on! This is why they will always be top!

The core foundation of every sporting achievement is based on hard work. “The Who does what, when, where and how” is clearly stated out with the primary component being that one and everyone must put in 100% effort even if they feel or know that the opposition is better or more talented.

Back in 1998, after the French World cup disappointment, the Germans felt their football was no longer playing a leading role and needed not only a rethink but a remodeling.

One basic reality that struck them was the fact that world football was evolving and their sheer hard work ethics was no longer enough to keep them at the top having won the world cup 8 years earlier in Italia 1990. Few nations in the world would ever think of this in that situation and at that particular moment as they won the European championships, just 2 years earlier in England. But they felt that at the world level they were sliding into the backseat.

In 2002 after a second placed finish at the South Korea / Japan World cup, many nations would have sat back on their laurels and tap themselves on the back for a job well done, not the Germans. Rather a major step was taking with the appointment of current coach Joachim Loewe as the then assistant coach to a more popular Jürgen Klinsmann of the national team.

In my opinion this was the turning point to their current enviable success as they modernized their football, keeping the core as always (extreme hard work and physical play) but this time around borrowing from the Spanish and the Dutch passing style to compliment erstwhile physical overrunning of the opposition.

Germany’s ability to reach the semifinals of the 2006 World Cup they hosted and the nationwide motto to restructure the youth system’s philosophy to reflect the above, around physical passing play completely changed their football outlook and fortunes.

2014 saw the Germans become world champions in Brazil, first European country to win the world cup in South America, be the only nation in company of Spain that till date, that has had the most presence of their club sides or national team players at the lucrative and prestigious champion’s league semifinals stage.

I believe you must have noticed 2 things that are always present in every part of the way as we have evaluated the German’s success module above: Hard work and organization!

Just as they have it in their general day to day life, they have applied it in full throttle to sports especially football and today be it at the clubside,national teams, or youth team level it is the key to their success and that is why I believe, they will always play a leading role in world soccer!





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