Genesis Of My Career

I have always played and loved football! Be it at the village of my birth in Abavo,Delta State, or on the streets of Lawanson,Ojota and eventually Festac Town (all in Lagos State of Nigeria) i played football passionately.

My Parents say i have kicked the ball since I could walk and though they were not very excited with the prospects of me becoming a professional soccer player as I grew older they found out they couldn’t stop the Inevitable. Though It was understandable at the time.

Education started at the Bright Starr Nursery and Primary School (Ojota), Ajao Estate High school (Anthony Village) and the Methodist boys High school, all in Lagos State, Nigeria.

These Schools offered me the opportunity to passionately play competitive soccer during sports periods. As you can possibly imagine, due to the natural constraints at the time, we used every second we had during breaks between classes to play football.

Career Teams.

We practically played soccer whenever we could on the streets of Lagos (Nigeria).My first club experience was with J.A.M.B. Fc then to Durbar Hotel and eventually, Julius Berger FC (the Bridge Boys) selection in Lagos.

Exodus Into Professional football In Europe.

Whilst at Julius Berger Fc and still at school, I received an invitation from Mr. Claude Bissot, (may his blessed soul rest in peace) A Belgian players agent, to Belgium for trials, the year was 1990!

I was actually being offered the opportunity to become a professional footballer.

On the 1st of July 1990,on board a Swissair flight to Brussels via Zürich, off I went and all I had with me was an Adidas sports bag with my football shoes and some belongings.Oh lest I forget, also in the bag was my most priced article, my holy Bible.

On the third of July 1990 I had my first try out with the FC Liege first team, headed by Coach Robert Waseige and that was all it took as Just Minutes after this training session (as I later discovered) Mr. Waseige called up Mr. Bissot to inform him that he was interested in offering me a professional contract!

FC Liege was then Belgium Cup Champions; hence they had qualified to play in the European Cup winners’ Cup.

Thus Began My Professional Soccer Career that lasted 16 yrs!


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