This Insanity Could Kill Football!

Football-and-moneyAs We  watched Gareth Bale unveiled as a new  Real Madrid player, for a colossal fee of £85 million (102 Million Euros) we could not help but ask ourselves if this is finally happening :is this reality or are we dreaming? When and how will this Insanity stop?

Do not get me wrong, Bale is an extremely talented player, arguably the best British player of the 2012/2013 season,  but a world Class beater worth over a hundred million Euros like Lionel Messi,Neymar jr & Cristiano Ronaldo etc? in this Economic crisis ridden times? Definitely not!

This transfer automatically heighlights how sick our loving world of football has become and out of touch with reality that it is at the risk of a Crash worse than the one that hit Wall Street!

I fear gravely that at this rate of “financial indiscipline” that we are all living through, football might just be nearing it’s end, at least as we know it today!

                  Estimated Price Tags of World Stars (Buy Out Clauses)

Ronaldo : € 250 m, Messi : € 250 m, Iniesta : € 200 m,Fabregas : € 200m ,Neymar Jr : € 190m Xavi : € 80m ,Rooney : € 58m, Fellaini : € 25 m etc  these are their reported buy out clauses or the valuations that their clubs have placed on them. Some understandable and most puzzling!

One would think we are talking about the sell out prices of a Car producing plant in South America etc but no, these are prices of soccer players, where will this end? When soccer ends?

         Bale’s Price tag due to Value on Pitch or…

Cristiano Ronaldo was the then world player of the Year, Champions League winner, had and still has a commercially lucrative image right due to his great looks and physical endowments and a player of Manchester united, courted by another Great (Real Madrid) when he was bought for erstwhile world record fee of  £80million.

Bale on the contrary, though was impressive this year is far from the quality and influence Ronaldo brings to the pitch  and off it.

One therefore can only deduce that Bale’s price tag is justified in the eyes of the buyer for the off the pitch merchandising and other effects connotations it brings with it.

A good one being this much needed  urge by Madrid’s President,Florentino Perez, to remind the world and reiterate his belief, that his club ,Real Madrid is still the biggest and richest footballing institution in the world.simply the number one club in the world etc

I thought a football club was supposed to dominate by winning football Titles, dominating victories and playing style on the pitch to earn that title…

      Possible consequences

Had the world Economy be booming as was the case of the oil boom decade today, one would really find this (maybe) understandable, but with most of these clubs who are splashing out astronomical sums to procure the services of soccer stars with money that they do not own (in most cases) there is no other foreseeable result short of eventual bankruptcy that could leave fans with an eventual scenario where clubs will be forced to fold and some (God Forbid) forced into oblivion!

You cannot continue spending money you do not have when income does not equate expenditure!

                     Why It is not Sane

Way before the sale of Gareth Bale was made official by Real Madrid today, his selling club,Tottenham Hotspur, had spent over 100 million pounds on new players to replace him! 18 million pounds more than they are set to receive not taking into account the wages that are to  be paid to the new acquisitions.

What would happen ,God forbid, if at the season end they do not achieve the minimum goal of 4th place synonymous to champions league football? once again spending money they do not have.

Have we forgotten what such management styles did to Portsmouth and Middleborough amongst others in the English Premier League recently?

UEFA president Michel Platini, is full of rage at this development and direction that football is taking and has promised that a solution is being sought to stop this and the eventual collapse it might bring to the football system!

Personally I am glad for the players that they get to play in their dream teams, but at prices that are astronomical and in most cases they do not influence or directly benefit from is not ideal and with the big clubs continuously spending and many smaller clubs and leagues gradually folding up (Samuel Eto’o’s Anzhi comes to mind)World  Economies struggling (we saw strikes in Brazil during the just concluded Confederations cup)and lesser people able to afford match tickets, how do these clubs hope to keep afloat if the World Economic situations does not improve soonest?

We Need Desperately To become Financially disciplined in Football Sooner than later!

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