English Premier League’s War On Non-European Players


What will the English Premier League be without foreigners today? Uninteresting to say the least!

The English FA Chairman, Mr Greg Dyke, has unveiled plans to restrict Non-European players in the EPL. Because, in his words: “The Premier League football is in danger of having nothing to do with English people”.

On the 1st of May 2015 goes into effect stricter rules set out to make obtaining of a work permit by Non Europeans more difficult for starters.

Furthermore, only players who are registered in a club from the tender age of 15 will qualify as Youth and Home grown players from the erstwhile age of 18.

The minimum but compulsory number of home-grown players in a club’s first-team is now raised to 12 from 8 in a 25 man team.

I guess just like me, you are asking yourself why all this unnecessary warfare now?

Greg Dyke believes that urgent action is needed to better develop and get English players more in the Premier League Line-ups. Eventually improve the National team and In short, He thinks he has the formula to produce more new “wonder kids” like Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspurs!

The Greatest error any sane football Businessman will make in the English Premier League, is believe that the worldwide fan followership of the premier league is tied and dependant on English or just European players!

The world love the EPLK for its spectacular football, great TV coverage, media presence and above all, it’s foreign super stars who in most cases are non-Europeans.

The Best European players are mostly playing in their local leagues: Germany, Spain and Not England!

In Short, on European Foreigners are to blame for England’s inability to produce Local Stars. Below is why in my opinion it is flawed.


Overrated and Over Valued local English players.

An average English player’s price tag is at times 3 times that of a better Non-European young player with international experience at most times. E.g. the Price Tag for Arsenal’s Wilshire or Liverpool’s overpriced former star player Andy Carroll bought for 42 million Euros.

Harry Kane is a very good player, but does any non-English football technician really see Harry Kane as a world star quality player? Just because he is the English highest goal scorer in the Premier League?


Unwillingness of English Players to travel

English players never want to go improve themselves overseas if they are not first team players back home. But why should they? They are way over paid just for being English and would not attract 30% of their current wages outside England, because their real value is not what they have sitting on the bench or as a player in the second team.

What will African National teams be today if in the 90’s African young Talents did not pack their bags and come to Europe, Just for minimum wages at most times and polish their trade, only to reassemble to do their nation proud in World cups to eventually attract lucrative transfers to bigger clubs?

Why On earth aren’t the English doing the same? Germans have loads of non-Europeans in their leagues and soccer system, but that did not stop them from becoming world champions did it?

Why The English are so obsessed with the belief that non Europeans are responsible for their failure to be world first class, beats my wildest imagination.

The Quality of the Lower Leagues

The Lower leagues in England still play largely the out-dated kick and follow football, with little creative collective play and loads of long balls, crosses into the box and struggle to score or defend.

These leagues are supposed to be avenues to develop the local youth system. Wouldn’t it be better to impose a modern style of play on the youth system and local leagues? Invest more in improving Youth Education?

After the 1998 world cup, the Germans, unhappy with the backsliding of their football level, set out to rebuild their football. They invested in better coaching education and modernized the playing style of their youth system, improved the sports infrastructures but did not wage a war against Non-European s on their way to regaining World domination.

This latest development could be disastrous for African players, Asian players, South American players etc. but eventually will be disastrous for the English Premier league.

Imagine the nosedive in team quality an imposition of 12 local Home grown players, who obviously are not as good as the current crop of players will do to the overall output of the English clubs.

At the moment English Clubs are absent and unable to reach the Quarter finals of the Champions league, soon they might just not get to the second round anymore. We shall see what this eventual enormous loss of Champions league Revenue will do the Premier League!


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