End Of The Barcelona Era?

barcelona againThis is one of the best “Proof of character” showing in a long time by an English side in modern day football as Chelsea eliminated Barcelona from this years champions league semi finals by an aggregate 3 goals to 2.

 One man short after John Terry unbelievably and inexcusably got himself sent off, for an off the ball childish “kneeing” of Barcelona’s Sanchez from behind.

 The scenario to this game could not have been better written by the best Script writer or director in Hollywood. Leading  by two goals thanks to Busquets and Iniesta, a suspended for the finals Ramirez gave Chelsea the lifeline with an intricate chip over Valdes and the Final qualifying goal came from out of favour, now almost forgotten world and European champion, Fernando Torres!

 But not before Lionel Messi missed a penalty that could have put Barcelona 3-1 up and maybe qualification. This is a confrontation for Messi to quickly forget. Taking into consideration that he unfortunately lost ball possession in the first leg encounter in London that resulted to Didier Drogba’s winning goal for Chelsea.

 This defeat is a landmark one, because it is the first time in almost a Decade since Barcelona lost 3 games in a row, the last time being during the Louis Van Gaal era of 2002-2003,and that cost him his job!

 Chelsea’s players really will return to London still pinching themselves at the events of the greatest European night in the club’s history.

 All said and done it was a deserved qualification for Chelsea and the jinx of no team ever being able to defend the champions league still continues.

 This Barcelona team even if eliminated still in my opinion are probably the best team of all time and are just now reminding us all that they are also human! Some immediately shouted the Barcelona era is over, pretty premature in my opinion!

   I sense some form of mental fatigue in this team and they need this defeat badly to be able to continue their dominance of European football. This I say because the most difficult thing to do in football is to repeat a legendary achievement. Now next season they can start afresh and have new and fresh objectives.

 Compliments to Roberto Di Mateo for the turnaround he has given to this Chelsea team and the manner in which tactically they were able to create curtains in front of Petr cech’s goal to stop Barcelona from scoring as much as they needed to qualify.

  On a relatively sad note,once again a soccer player got hospitalised as Pique of Barcelona was taken to the Hospital for precautionary check up after a collision with his Goal keeper,Valdes, knocked him unconscious.

  Chelsea will however have to figure out what team they will field in the Champions League Finals in Munich come May! Due to Yellow card suspensions for Ramirez,John Terry,Mata,Mireilles and Ivanovic!

 Well that’s worry for another day,for the moment they should just allow themselves to savour this historic Champions league finals qualification!



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