Does Cristiano Ronaldo deserve this ill treatment?


For the first time in his glorious Career,Ronaldo is physically struggling,ever since he hurt himself prior to last season’s champions league Vs Borussia Dortmund. But just when he seems to be gradually working his way back, a new but familiar obstacle resurfaces.

As I sat there, watching Schalke 04 of Germany play hosts to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Real Madrid, I could not help but be appalled at the incessant name calling and booing, the just crowned FIFA World’s Best player of the year was subjected to by the Local Schalke fans.

As if to further irate the yelling Schalke fans, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the score lights with a well-placed header to show his team, as is often the case, the way to victory. It ended 0-2 by the way for Real Madrid.

I have had the fortune to watch Ronaldo play over a dozen times live and this is often the case. Funny enough, this is far from the case when eternal rival Lionel Messi play. Why is this so?

Could it be out of jealousy? Search of provocation? Ronaldo’s good looks? Attitude? Or just the question of: why him a star and not me syndrome?

Ronaldo is a hard worker, always the first to arrive at training and often the last to leave. He definitely will not be at the top of world soccer today if he was not only extra talented but also a hard worker.

By virtue of being a Pro. Footballer, he is automatically an entertainer and though obviously he does not seem to care about these incessant and in my opinion, unfair treatment and singling out by opposing fans, he courts controversy out of no fault of his.

Some schools of thoughts argue that in comparison to Messi he is too flashy, beats his chest to personal glorification and hence courts these boos.

How boring would life be if we all behaved and lived the same way! We are all different thanks to our cultures, family background, origins and ADN, we act and reason differently, and that is what makes life.

The boos actually got louder after a foul on Ronaldo which he protested and got louder as he got more influential in the game.

What however I do find unfortunate for these naïve fans, is that the louder the boos got, the better he actually started to play and eventually scored. Guess Madrid fans would be praying for more scenarios like this.

It is a shame for fans to behave this way and I wonder how ignorant they must be when they leave the comfort and warmth of their homes, pay hard earned money to go to the stadium just to boo a rival world class player, which indirectly their presence and money helps even make richer!

We must admit also that sometimes Ronaldo’s utterances and acts could be misconstrued for arrogance or out of place, but to merit half a stadium’s boos? I do not agree.

Like Ronaldo or loathe him he is one of the best players ever to play football and booing fans would do better to stay home!

This is no way to treat the world’s best player who plays to entertain you!

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