“World player of the year” Cristiano Ronaldo in the making!


“Who else but Cristiano Ronaldo to come back and haunt Jose Mourinho here with a predictably brilliant match-winning display?” …..The Telegraph

Cristiano Ronaldo produced a pre-season Masterpiece performance to guide his Real Madrid to  a comfortable 3-1 victory over José Mourinho’s Chelsea at the ICC trophy in America. Kind of a matured response to unfair direct Criticisms from his former coach, Jose “the special one” Mourinho.

He not only scored 2 of the three goals in a  world class Fashion and set up the third for team mate Marcelo, but it was the way he played that particularly impressed me and could be a sign of a much greater Cristiano Ronaldo to come.

You could be right in dismissing this performance as unimportant due to the fact that it is just a friendly game but the intensity at which both teams played one another was as good as League encounter. Proof the referee was called upon on several occasions to calm down nerves and issued some yellow cards.

  Ronaldo’s New Role

Contrary to What we are used to in recent past, Ronaldo seems to now enjoy a more freer role as he navigates freely from left to center and in occasions onto the right side of Madrid’s attacking line.

I was particularly impressed and pleased because it has always been a wonder to me why this complete and world leading player could be restrained and limited to the left side of the attack line and forced to spend so much energy at times defending and lack freshness to attack.

His first goal was from a deadly well struck Ronaldo free kick and the second he was at the receiving end of New Boy on the block, Isco’s pull out as he headed the ball past Petr Cech’s reach to seal the victory.

Does this remind you of anything?

This was the relative kind of freedom this player enjoyed in Manchester United in 2008 as he won the champions league with United and was voted the World player of the year!

 Who could be responsible for this change?

   Carlo Ancellotti?: Having played under this coach at Juventus personally he is a master at star players management and we can be rest assured that he will be instrumental should Ronaldo fulfill these early prospects

The Arrival Of Gareth Bale?: could this change in position and liberty be a preparation for the eventual arrival of left footed Gareth Bale? I leave you to figure that one out.

Jose Mourinho?: Jose Mourinho regrettably had stated recently in a surprising attack at his compatriot and ex player as Ronaldo ” “maybe thinks that he knows everything and that the coach cannot improve him any more”….

Mourinho continued during a recent interview with ESPN .. “the real Ronaldo” was the former Brazil striker, not his fellow Portuguese.

When asked, Ronaldo said on his club’s website: “I like to do my talking on the pitch. What happens off it doesn’t affect me.”I aim to help Real Madrid to achieve its objectives and what happens away from there does not hurt me.”

Ronaldo when again asked prior to this game, he said that he refuses to talk about his ex coaches in public in negative terms and responded to Jose Mourinho jibe by claiming…  ‘I do my talking on the pitch’

What an emphatic way he did it. Boy it is building up to be a 2013/2014 season to look forward to….


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