Cristiano Ronaldo Could Quit Now !

Ronaldo-set-to-quitSitting in the Signal Iduna Stadium, Dortmund (in company of almost 70,000 screaming fans)watching Dortmund outclass a lack luster Real Madrid side by 4 goals to 1, i could not help but marvel at the high level spectacle on display (especially by Dortmund) but also at the sudden huge gap that exists between these two sides and leagues of Origin(Germany and Spain).

This was the Champions League Semi Finals and it now stands at 2 victories for Germany and 8-1 on goals aggregate after Bayern Munich crushed barcelona 4-0 in the other semi final showdown.

This was a football lecture on realism, mobile play, team preparation, modern total football and clinical finishing on one side and a collection of star players that looked like not having a real game plan, when they had or did not have the ball, with just one extra ordinary player, Cristiano Ronaldo on the other side trying to make things happen!

This was a painful but well deserved defeat for Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid and like we promised you earlier, this is the insider breakdown on why Madrid were well demolished!

 Who was Present at the Party and who stayed home, ?

Gündoğan,Lewandowski,Weidenfeller,Subotić,Bender,Gündoğan,Götze,Reus,Hummels,Błaszczykowski,Schmelzer,( the entire Dortmund line up)  hungry,agressive,creative and completely present at the party whilst only poor Cristiano Ronaldo,Varane and Modric showed up for the Madrid outfit. all others left their ‘mental self’ home!

                                 Team Tactics

bvb-DortmundFrom the first minute it was clear Dortmund’s strategy was to dominate the midfield, crowd Ronaldo out of the game, and combine at blistering speed as a team to break Madrid down, but for a team with so much high profile personalities Madrid seemed not to have any real prepared solutions to the questions Dortmund’s opposition threw at them. Quite strange for a team that had met Dortmund twice this year in the group stages.

    Influence of the coaching crew

Personally I feel Jose Mourinho is a legendary coach but if yesterday’s game was a school  test,i think he failed woefully! His tactics, arrogant attitude and lack of yelled out instructions at difficult moments has certainly backfired!

His game plan or lack of it(cause all Madrid did was just try to hit long aimless passes forward and hope for a miracle from The poor Ronaldo) his imput did not help the team and it showed big time!

On the contrary,Jurgen Klopp’s (Dortmunds coach) game plan was clear,well nurtured out to counter the strength of Madrid(Ronaldo) whilst creating the game scenario that brought out the strong points of his team on top! Dortmund’s shape was just perfectly planned and executed to win!

 Dortmund’s nr 9:  Robert Lawandowski

what you should know b4 next tuesday10 Champions League games,6 goals and 2 assists! For those of you who did not take note of this polish 24 year old  Dortmund point striker before now,well his 4 goals  sank Madrid and put Dortmund’s nine toes in the finals come may 25 2013 in London, should make him now an acquaintance of yours.

He constantly terrorised madrid’s defence and rendered Ramos,Pepe very ordinary. He was strong,focused,poised,skillful and constantly offered play out solutions for his team and i would not be surprised if he is playing his last games for Dortmund as we speak! Manchester City?Real Madrid? Manchester United? Barcelona? or …. Bayern Munich? the list of reported suitors seem endless these days!


  Real Madrid team set up!

This is the second live game i am seeing Madrid play this Football season and i must confess there is little or no life or team spirit in this team. rarely does one see encouraging gests from team mates to the other and the most natural leader of this team, Ronaldo is not really allowed to lead, instead it is players like Xavi Alonso,Sergio Ramos and Pepe who try to pull the strings and dictate play (this you do not see on Television).

    Madrid’s Poor  Defence Line

real madrid logo centreWhen you have a legendary player like Ronaldo in your team,wouldn’t it be wise to defend solidly when you know that he would score for you anyway eventually? this fella just keep on scoring and in as much as it is not our style to point fingers i must say that Madrid’s defence is definitely it’s weakest link and a major factor in it’s relatively poor fortunes!

That they were poor is the under satement of this encounter and as long as it is the same line up,they will continue to struggle in Europe at least.

Lucky escapes,some poor refereeing and the impact of Ronaldo’s  goals saw them get this far but it seems as if this time around the end of the road is here!

    Cristiano Ronaldo Must Leave Now!

I am in full agreement with many that if Ronaldo has failed to land at least once the world’s best player award,in recent years,it is not just because Lionel Messi has been Phenomenal,but because the environment,team mates and the technical crew this great and phenomenal player has to work with are not helping matters at all.

This player each time i watch him play live demonstrates just how great he really is,selfless,hardworking,defensive,offensive,creative and trying to make things happen for his team.

He needs to leave this club and hopefully not a club where he gets to collaborate with Mourinho ! This combination is not good for him. He needs a team where players will be willing to play for him ,with really creative midfielders around him and a defense that gives him the needed assurance that all he has to do is score and they will do the rest!

Imagine scoring loads of goals like he does year in year out and have your defense always stop you from reaching the required goal by kindergarten defending!

yesterday they were always late in reaching Lewandowski and more interested in trying to pass beautiful stylistic balls way long across the pitch etc

Dortmund won because they were simply in a better class,better level or completely in a higher level school than real Madrid,It will take a divine Miracle to qualify come the second leg for Madrid,but Our God i know, only helps those who give him reason to help them not those who just feel he must help them! Madrid is warned!





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