Cristiano Ronaldo must be Distraught!

ronaldo is distraught

“It’s unbelievable that I have once again won, especially being the fourth time in a row”… Lionel Messi

  Lionel Messi sets another world record! He is unanimously voted (41.6%) for the fourth consecutive year FIFA’S ballon D’or (the best player in the world) and for the fourth time he is seconded by another legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo! Never in the history of the sport has one player won this award 4 times talk less of, in a row (2009,2010,2011,2012).

Third was this year’s European player of the year and Lionel Messi’s “General” at Barcelona ; Andrés Iniesta.

 In as much as I feel this coronation of Messi as the Fifa world player of the year is more than deserved I cannot help but feel sorry for Cristiano Ronaldo!

He must be asking himself: Why was I not born into another generation and have to compete with others, instead of this contest now with the ‘extra terrestrial’ Messi?.

  Lionel Messi last year rewrote football as we used to know it. He scored a total of 91 goals and on the way broke decades long held record of Gerd Muller of the highest number of goals scored in a calendar year.

 Ronaldo must feel unfortunate to play in a team like Real Madrid where his team mates are raraely able to help him score at times cheap goals. He must ask himself why is it that in my team there are no fixed and well defined functions that help me play at my best every week.

“Why is it that Messi’s club does everything possible to keep him happy and at his best and I have to go in a brawl with my club for my contract renegotiations leading to my insecure future etc?”

 Ronaldo must ask himself why is he  not blessed with a great coach who sometimes takes the backstage (Jose Mourinho) and does not court scandals that easily make voters dislike me, because they erroneously think that we represent the same self centered, egoistic personalities?.

 Ronaldo must ask himself why is it that I am so close in talent with Messi but yet so far in successes?!

Generally, players like Messi either just score goals or are great play makers, but not Messi : he provides goals for team mates, is great at freekicks, penalties, dribbles, shoots and is a likeable, modest kinda guy!

In a FIFA World player of The Year ceremony that also saw Spanish national team coach Vicente Del Bosque and Sweden’s Women national team Coach, Pia Sundhage voted FIFA World coach of the year for men and women respectively.

For those who might want to contest Messi’s Election here are some stats for you:

At 25 years of age, Messi scored 91 goals in 2012,was the top goal scorer in the last Champions League season with 14 goals, played in every competitive game Barcelona played and was the leading man as Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey in Spain.



After a poll in which the captains and head coaches of the men’s (for the two men’s awards) and women’s (for the two women’s awards) national teams, as well as international media representatives selected by French football magazine France Football, vote, these awards are decided in each of the four categories : Best Male and female player, Best Male and Female Coaches.

Each group’s votes represents one third of the final result.So in many ways than one, this vote is really the people’s choice.

I must however reiterate that if Ronaldo wants to brighten his chances of not feeling once again distraught come January 2014, God Willing, he not only has to change his environment and win more, but a more sympathetic Ronaldo could sway voters to his side.

However I still feel Cristiano Ronaldo still has at least one FIFA Ballon D’OR in him!

No Doubt, Lionel Messi is deserved King of World soccer 2012!

 To  the unfortunately dissapointed Ronaldo i will offer these legendary words by Dr Martin Luther King Jr as consolation :

 “There can be no deep disappointment where there is not deep love” … Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  • Kin says:

    God bless u more and more ” Amen” I now think Messi deserves it,I am a Man U fan and most of my friends feel i am against Messi just because CR7 is a former Man U player but.
    I would pick Iniesta and Xavi ahead of CR7 and Messi bcos those guys deserve recognition.
    I Wish One day you will be recognized as The Super Eagles coach or NFF president because we need people like u to move Nigerian football ahead. I remember the African Nations Cup in Nigeria 2000 against senegal when u had Malaria but you came in and changed the game then I was in senegal and I place a bet agianst my cab driver which I won through your pass to aghawowa.
    God bless you

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