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A coach is as important to a team, just as parents are to a Family! In as much as all is not defendant on the coach, his input is generally responsible for the outlook of the team !

In Modern day soccer, it is near impossible to be successful for a long period without a performing coach and philosophy!

I believe players have to not only be educated on the tasks they have to carry out for the team but also be aware the tasks their team mates have to carry out for the team at each giving situation.

Obviously it is tedious and requires hours of repeated schemes with specially designed exercises aimed at provoking the situations the team has to deal with during games.

Having played in Italy,Nigeria,Holland,Germany and Belgium, my coaching philosophy is influenced by those major leagues and further enhanced with the personal experiences one acquired coaching Youths,Pro. and semi professional players,at the international,professional,Amateur,youth leagues and most especially off my involvement with soccer consultancy, analysis and management at FIFA.


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March 22, 2016 By Jide Alaka Of Premium Times

Three traits of Oliseh’s Eagles Siasia, others must retain


In the 12 matches that the Super Eagles played under the departed Sunday Oliseh, the three-time Nations Cup winners won six, drew four and lost two, scoring 16 goals and conceding five.

Though his leadership of the team lasted less than one year, he sowed some seeds that should be watered by Samson Siasia and whomsoever is named the substantive manager of the team by the Nigeria Football Federation in the days to come.

Promotion of young players

In 2015, FIFA acknowledged that the Super Eagles fielded the youngest national team in the world and that was because Oliseh ensured that his team had a preponderance of young players who had most often times never played for the Eagles. This is a tack that must continue under Siasia, the Super Eagles must never be turned into a Redemption Camp for ageing and tiring players or those that need a lift to get back into the mainstream. Football is played more by the young, athletic and skillful players, who have a name to make.

Stinginess at the back

In the 12 matches that the team played under Oliseh – they conceded just five goals and these were in four matches; two goals against Congo DR in a friendly and single goals against Niger, Tunisia and Guinea. While it is a well-known fact that Siasia likes to set up his side in offensive mode, he must also realize that if the Eagles do not concede, then they have a better chance of getting one over Egypt.

Controlling the play

What Oliseh preached throughout his stint to his players in training and during matches was possession. At the Africa Nations Championship in Rwanda against Tunisia and Guinea, his team was bereft of possession and lost the lead against Tunisia and lost against Guinea. Without the ball, most teams are unable to hurt the possession. Against Egypt, who will try to play on the counter, the Eagles will be best advised to play good possession football. They should be patient and seek better possession in the last third to hurt the Pharaohs.

The Oliseh regime is definitely over but there are characteristics that have been sown that Siasia can water to fruition. We do not always need to throw away the bath water and the baby.


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    Fortunately having been coached by Coaches Like: Robert Waseige (R.F.C Liege, Belgium) Eric Gerets (R.F.C Liege, Belgium) Pipo Marchioro (Reggiana,Italy) Enzo Ferrari (Reggiana,Italy) Morten Olsen (Ajax Amsterdam, Holland) Jan Wauters (Ajax, Holland) Carlo Ancellotti (Juventus,Italy) Mathias Sammer (B.V.B Dortmund,Germany) Bert Van Marwijk,Dortmund) Hugo Bross (Genk, Belgium) Clemence Westerhoff & Jo Bonfrere (Holland-Super Eagles Nigeria, Shuaibu Amodu (Super Eagles, Nigeria) And Philip Troussier (France) did help a lot in forming my Philosophy.

    Having had a successful career as a player at the highest playing level helps a lot as a coach, though it does not guarantee Success!

    Hard work and preparation in detailed homework helps. A clear idea of what one expects from his players, build his team and know how to meticulously prepare for a season and for each individual game is important.

    I started at the grass root level With kids, graduated to the Under 19′s and eventually adult pros, semi pros,Belgian League and the Nigerian National Team,Super Eagles of Nigeria, to mold my philosophy.

    A good team is creatable by ‘education’ and not necessarily by ‘purchase’,though financial strenght is influential in today’s Professional soccer!

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