Is This Chelsea Stoppable?

chelsea pngThree league games and three emphatic Wins of world class calibre, that’s Chelsea 2014/2015 for you,So Far !

With the arrival of Cesc Fabrigas (Mr finesse) and Diego Costa(Man of steel) this Chelsea team is looking ‘Champion like’ .

The team feels like it was well built after lots of thought to compensate for all the glaring deficiencies that made it lose out on all fronts last season.

Jose “the special One” Mourinho seems adamant to stop the 2 season ‘winless’ streak in two different Clubs that befell him!

Defensively Chelsea is looking quite better and rejuvenated with the arrival of Luis Filipe from Athletico Madrid and the exit of Ashley Cole and co.

I believe this acquisition will give Chelsea the advantage of having to rest long serving John Terry(though still classy) in some games and rotate the defence line, with for example, Branislav Ivanović shifting into Central defence to partner Gary Cahill in place of Terry, without losing out in quality!

With ‘wonder kid’ goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, back from Athletico Madrid in place of the ageing but still excellent Petr Cech, Chelsea has not only one of the best goal keepers in the world, but assured it’s future in some sense in this all important department.

Watching Chelsea tear apart the impressive Everton by 6 goals to 3 (in Everton) one can only marvel at the ease it showed when it needed to score goals!

Diego Costa’s presence upfront is way a different story from what its attackers last season offered Chelsea and its fans. He is irritating to opposing defenders because he not only scores or creates scoring chances, he bullies defences and is always in their faces! He has scored in every game so far!

The presence of Fabregas at the Apex of the midfield line bothering attack gives Chelsea the much needed creativity and finishing touch it needs to give value, to the Mourinho style of compact defending to counter the opponents by defence splitting passes.

The Midfield however might be a cause of concern as they still seem to lack that in fatigable player who wins tonnes of balls from the opponent, but that might not be a problem if the team can keep a compact central midfield shape when not in possession. Question of defending in numbers to help the weak link!

Many might argue that it is just the beginning and too early to crown them in anything and I fully agree!

We are yet to see Chelsea take on other title favourites in Manchester City,Arsenal,Liverpool or Local Rivals Tottenham, but if the last season has told us anything about Mourinho’s Chelsea this time around, is has little problem disposing of the Big teams but lost the titles due to points dropped Vs. the relatively smaller teams e.g. Relegation threatened Sunderland last year at the Stanford bridge!

How will this team deal with other teams who might come at them with packed defences and laying back, inviting Chelsea to attack? Well in Fabregas and Diego Costa they might have found the Antidote to that!

In all only Time will tell if this Chelsea team will win everything as it is built to, i personally think they can, short of any unforeseen, but with the Champions League set to start in earnest and provide distractions, we should know more soonest!

This Chelsea side is Solid, versatile, good, strong, quick, defensively well built, experienced and in Jose Mourinho, have a tactically strong Coach/Manager.

Look out everyone, this Might just be Chelsea’s Year to Rule!

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