5 Points You Must Know About “This” Chelsea

chelsea-champsWith Chelsea fans celebrating their deserved coronation as Champions of the English Premier League all night, some naysayers have dedicated their energy in calling them all kinds of negative names, regretably.

We share with you Five important points you should know about “this” Jose Mourinho’s  Chelsea, version 2014/2015.


Chelsea is Way better than Most Admit.

Some call them “Boring Chelsea” and these are the same people who mock attractive play seeking Arsenal as being “Title less”. I call this Chelsea ‘effective and realistic’ .

The Figures don’t lie : 25 wins from 35 games ,8 draws, only 2 losses,69 goals scored and 27 conceded, amassing 83 points with 13 points better than 2nd placed and world Richest club, Manchester City. Calling them Boring  is an insult!

This team is way better than most give them credit for and I wouldn’t mind my team winning titles every year likeChelsea.

Most managers in the world would beg to be in Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea shoes.


Objective Next Season: Champions League

Don’t swallow any rhetoric Mourinho will try to sell you in the coming days, next season Chelsea’s obsession will be European champion’s league conquest.

In fact, the mid-season purchase of Colombian star Juan Cuadrado for example, is indication of a probable,planned player rotation system for strikers, as they hope to tackle several fronts in the near future.

It’s been 5 Barren years without the English Premier league for chelsea, an achievement that now gives Chelsea fans local bragging rights and now that that thirst is satiated, get ready to witness once again, owner Abrahamovic and the “special one”, Mourinho’s unquenchable thirst for European conquest of the trophy with two big ears, the Champion’s league.

If Other European greats will allow them?  that’s a topic for another day!


MVP’s? : Eden Hazard, Diego Costa and Nemanja Matić

Chelsea’s game plan is all about team effort and though most Chelsea players were excellent in their output this season, three players stood out as decisive, in putting that needed icing on the cake.

Defence splitting moves,dribblings,passes and goals by the recently crowned Epl player of the year Eden Hazard, the opposing defence line domination and goal scoring prowess of Diego Costa coupled with the almost inhuman work rate that central midfielder, Matic produced for the blues says it loud and clear.

They were in my opinion, the decisive three Musketeers for Chelsea this season


Forget Lionel Messi

Contrary to rumours by certain sectors during the season, it will be near impossible to see Chelsea buy Barcelona star Lionel Messi for next season.

With all due respect and don’t get me wrong, Chelsea’s playing style not only does not suit Messi but it’s renewed interest in financially being more disciplined definitely does not favour a purchase of over 200 million Euros that a Lionel Messi buy connotes.


Jose Mourinho?:  Way Better Than Other EPL Managers

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Alex fergusson,Arsene Wenger,Benitez,Gerard Houllier,manuel Pellegrini etc. these are rivals that Mourinho has outfoxed to win EPL titles in convincing manner in the past and this season, he just proved he still has what it takes to outwit them, again .

Losing just two games on the road to being crowned champions and not to title rivals says it all!



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  • okeke cynthia says:

    Wellspoken oliseh.what a nice piece.you have said it all.what you have just written down is a fact.good work and kudos to you.can’t wait for us to do it again.one love.up blues!!!.

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