Is Mourinho Set For Coronation Or A Time Bomb?

chelsea-jerseyAgainst all hopes and aspirations by Chelsea fans,thanks to the return of the “Special One” or “Happy One” Jose mourinho,Chelsea ended the last season a dissapointing third behind Champions Manchester City and Liverpool and above all “Tropheeless”.

Chelsea owner Roman Abrahamovic loves winning and in Mourinho Chelsea have a proud and highly vocal coach who needs to win titles to back up his bragging rights.This barren season pushed Chelsea into the transfer market in an agressive manner and like them or not,the purchase and sales have been impressive!

As the 2014/2015 premier League is set to kick off, we look at why Chelsea should be reckoned with on all fronts.

Jose Mourinho: Though a controversial fella,when you have him as your manager, you can be rest assured that the violent objective of his built team is that of Winning.Tactically he is very smart in cooking up ways to neutralise the strong points of the opposition,as Arsenal found out last season at the Emirates.

This manager went on an at least one title winning streak for about a decade in different clubs and countries around Europe,but for the past two seasons with two different clubs(Real Madrid & Chelsea) he won nothing!

The hunger to return to the podium as first will be an enormous impetus for him and his wards this Season!

Diego Costa,Cesc Fabregas & co: Out of Chelsea goes players like David Luiz,Ashley Cole etc and in comes Diego Costa,Cesc Fabregas,Filipe Luis,Thibaut Coutois, and Didier Drogba amongst others. This makes in my opinion one of the strongest Chelsea sides on Paper Ever!

The versatility of the new players gives chelsea the possibility to play all kinds of tactical formations possible that the situation demands.

Imagine a stalemated game with 25 minutes to go and in comes Drogba to pair up in attack with Costa to get that all important winner! mouthwatering for chelsea fans and a terrible nightmare worry for opponents!

I actually believe if well used,this Chelsea team can be competitive or even front runners both at the national front and international level!

Having said the above one needs however to consider certain pit holes that await Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea along the way:

With the arrival of Louis Van Gaal as Manager at Manchester United the contenders for top spot in England just got stiffer.Van gaal is a renowned technician,winner and as “loud mouthed” like mourinho which could eat up a huge chunk of the much needed and loved space mourinho needs in the daily news headlines to make his team perform in peace while he distracts others.

Manchester City’s purchase of Mangala in their defence line could be the needed catalyst to help City concede less easy goals unlike last season and this coupled with their successful returning huge Argentine delegation off the World cup 2014 fame,makes City a real threat!

last season was in some way a transition season for Jose Mourinho (according to him) and the honeymoon is over now.He is smart enough to know this and this brings addidtional pressure as we know that the only title that really interests Chelsea owner Abrahamovic is the Champions leqgue which as we all know,is the most difficult trophy to win in Europe at least!

All in all this Chelsea build up this year in my opinion is well capable to just win it all but a lot really depends on how this new assembly of stars all Gel together and if the other rivals will just let them!

Mourinho’s Coronation might just be around the corner just as,due to the obvious now absence of excuses,could just mean an impending second exit from Chelsea by Abrahamovic.

We wish Chelsea fans all the best!

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