Chelsea:Worse Than Expected!

 Manchester City, in an emphatic manner started this 2012/2013 Soccer season campaign from where they left off last season in May: Another trophy in the bag.They beat the F.A Cup winners, Chelsea by 3 goals to 2 to usher in this new season.

Some might say this is not an important game due to the fact that no points are won or lost yet, that this is just the last friendly Game of preparations before the start of the new season, only difference being that there is a trophy at stake etc. But I beg to disagree, this game tells us plenty!

  This game is in so many ways an appetizer of the main dish that awaits the football world! Amongst others bellow are what this game tells us!

Manchester City is a force to reckon with:

 From the onset of this game, the Yaya Toure lead team took control. They are better organized than last season, they have a better co-ordinated style of ball recuperation, and they pressurize the opponent of the day Chelsea better.

 The Manager Roberto Mancini has just been rewarded with a new 5yrs contract and looks more confident, has been asking for more re-enforcement of his team with new players, but from what we saw, they need not buy more, just better management of what they have,which is plenty!

 Carlos Tevez looks more settled and seems to be trying to prove that he wants to stay in the club unlike last season when his body language said the opposite. Hence with the now world acclaimed talent, Mario Ballotelli back with more self confidence from the Euros coupled with David Silva (Should he stay) Manchester City are going to have a lethal attack this season.

  However, defensively the Savic / Kompany central defense seemed to be shaky to me and hence there are sure signs that defensively Manchester City could struggle this season. Conceding two goals born out of sheer clumsiness could be expensive especially when they travel for away Games.

   Chelsea Could be much “Sicker” Than last Season:

 After a disastrous debut to the last campaign that saw Vilas Boas being shown the exit, Chelsea rose, became united behind the new young and enterprising Manager, Roberto Di Mateo and lead by the now legendary Didier Drogba to experience the best season of the clubs history!

 Today Drogba is Gone, enter Eden hazard (the new Belgian Sensation) and Chelsea looked out of sorts, lacking creativity, late to the ball, disorganized and lacking co-ordination in defense and most especially in midfield looked lost.

The biggest worry is that this time around they no longer have Drogba that permitted them to just lay back and defend as a block and eventually move the ball forwards for Drogba to spring the surprise and change the game. This could explain why Chelsea is in pursuit of Porto’s Hulk to fill this vacuum left by Drogba’s exit. Filling this Vacuum I feel will be a difficult task to achieve.

 Chelsea?s New recruit (the talented Hazard) Is a playmaker but I feel with this Chelsea team he might struggle due to the fact that he will be played out of place, namely on the wings,like we saw against Manchester City. He is more productive in a more central role, which Frank Lampard occupies, so we could expect him not to be at his expected best at Chelsea.

 Morally we should expect a mentally weaker Chelsea Team. Ivanovic’s sending off in a game like this further buttresses this fact. It is no secret that the majority of the Chelsea team last season, loathed the then Manager Vilas Boas, and all rallied together to prove the common enemy wrong once he was sacked. This season they have to find another motivation and i do not see that showing its head so soon hence my fear that this could be a Painful season for Chelsea fans.

 We felt the boos aimed at John Terry yesterday each time he touched the ball, this will get louder as the season progresses, curious to see how he handles it!

  In as much as this game is quite revealing of where these two clubs stand today,note must be taken that winners (Manchester City) Last season looked out of sorts at this same stage when they lost to Manchester United but still came up at the end to win the premier league! Well I guess that is why football is so beautiful you must have said J

So My dear Football lovers, welcome to the 2012/2013 Premier league season!

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