Chelsea & Arsenal Situation. What’s Good, What’s Not!

Once upon a time,the ‘Gunners’ were way down on the table as low as the 15th position and Chelsea were close to Top spot on the league table, just behind Manchester United. Today Chelsea is a distant 4th with 9 points behind league leaders Manchester City and Arsenal have gradually but steadily climbed up to 6th Position ! What a change of fortune.

How decisive and quickly times change. Just a month ago, most feared the worst scenarios for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal and Many were very optimistic of a title contention for Chelsea under the new super coach in town, Vila Boas. Today the situation has changed drastically.

Last weekend we witnessed a demolition of the Chelsea defence line by a very enterprising Arsenal Attack. It’s been almost a decade since Chelsea was last beating by such a large margin. Very understandably the Arsenal fans have been ecstatic and the Chelsea fans spell bound!

In a preview to this weekend games for both teams we cannot help but highlight the Mid week champions league performance by both teams to kind of give us an  ‘avant gout’ (aperitif) of the coming week end or weeks .

Both teams drew their encounters. whilst the Arsenal one was a  kind of honourable draw against a very hungry and fighting Marseille team, Chelsea gave us a paltry 1-1 encounter against an erstwhile ‘pointless’ Genk of Belgium team. They had before then not won a point, being drubbed by the same Chelsea, 5-0 in London two weeks ago!

Why Chelsea is struggling is to be analysed in a more detailed future blog, but one thing is clear, there are some basic and clear important changes that have been effected in both teams, lately. This explains lightly their change in fortunes

Chelsea have sacrificed their solid defence based, result oriented football, in favour of a more spectacular entertaining kind of football. With so much off the field issues (problems), and till date it seems to have backfired!

Arsenal on the other hand finding themselves almost bottom of the league a month ago have kind of like changed their play to accommodate a bit more result oriented game. They seem to try to be less spectacular now and seem more concerned about not conceding goals, which I applaud wholeheartedly!

To a large extent, Chelsea’s dilemma did help them get back on track, even though all credit must be given to Arsene Wenger and his Young ‘gunners’ for their turning around of their fortunes so far.

Arsenal take on W.B.A whilst Blackburn host Chelsea this weekend. How well ‘relaunched’ Arsenal are and how deeply ‘injured’ Chelsea are will be answered this weekend.

Enjoy the weekend games!


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