Is This Why Chelsea feel Witch Hunted?


Jose “the special one” Mourinho has often hinted at a conspiracy against his team ,Chelsea and for a long time we all saw it as a ploy to once again, draw away attention and criticism from his players when they did not live up to expectations.

However, the recent turn of events and officiating at the weekends encounter by Referee Martin Atkinson, that saw Chelsea draw to lowly Burnley at the Stanford bridge,1-1 could make one give some credibility to the special one’s assertions.

First and foremost via an Eden Hazard trademark solo effort assist, full of pace and creativity to Branislav Ivanovic, Chelsea took an early and deserved lead 1-0. Then it all went haywire.

Diego Costa got bullied off the ball in Rugby like kind off manner, in the Burnley Penalty area ,only for the referee to look away without a blink. Now if he felt there was no push and Costa dived, the rules say he should have booked the player, which he did not do. Strange no?

Next episode: Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic goes for a header in the air, gets a kung Fu kick from Burnley’s striker, Ashley Barnes, with no consequential warning or punishment from the officials.

Then came the scene that I personally find shameful: Chelsea’s Influential midfielder, Nemanja Matic,miraculously escapes a fractured leg off a “criminal like” tackle by the same striker of Burnley, Ashley Barnes, who once again is not reprimanded and the incensed Matic had little choice but to take matters into his own hands and retaliated off the ball immediately. Well I guess you know what happened next, Red Card for Matic and Chelsea down to 10 men.

Minutes to Go, Burnley equalized off a set piece and Chelsea not only were down and lost an influential player for several future games including the Capital cup final (between Chelsea and Tottenham) but also lose 2 precious points,plus a new breath of hopeful air is offered to Manchester City at the title race (Chelsea’s lead is now cut to 5 points)

We do not need to be Chelsea fans to see the angle of a possible conspiracy theory against Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, though I repeat I do not believe there is one.

In recent years, video evidence is now employed to not only punish cheats and an offender in football and after this weekend’s shameful officiating, the English FA refuses to sanction Ashley Barnes!

Jose Mourinho never leaves one indifferent, you either like or loathe him, but that is no excuse for ill or incompetent refereeing against his team, the fans and the general public.

The weekend’s officiating goes a long way to damage the credibility of not only the referee involved, Referee Martin Atkinson, but the English FA.

Chelsea will be justified to suspect conspiracy and how on earth the FA dare fine coaches for complaints on wrong calls by the officials when they do not reprimand flagrant erring officials like Martin Atkinson?

I feel Chelsea has the best team in the Premier league this year and though some might think :It’s not so bad it’s just 2 points lost,but in this title race, these two points might end up being decisive at the end, Chelsea deserve comprehension!

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