Jose Mourinho’s Edge On The Others!

mourinhoIf there is one thing most of us have to learn from the “Noisy” but successful “special One” Jose Mourinho, it is that you are as good as your players!

Coaching education and degrees are great and are quite instrumental in helping you get organised as a coach and pass on your inner vision of the game into your players and club. But if that is just what decides how successful a coach is, then all would be the same no?

This weekend, We saw Manchester united win its first two matches in a row under Louis Van Gaal with a 4 man defence line as opposed to the previous 3 man defence line that saw them go through the worst start to the season for Man. U since the intro of the premier league! (Van Gaal lacks the capable three man defence players).

We see today confirmed world class coaches struggling in several major leagues in Europe as debutants would do and many have written in to ask why do I think this is so!

The way we see football is practically never the same. Your personality determines how you see football. Meticulous and organised people in their private lives, as coaches, generally love and make their teams play in ultra organised patterns with responsibilities shared out to each and everyone, they included! Whereas Euphoric or spontaneous people tend to favour like attitudes and team setups as coaches.

However, no matter how genial and extraordinary your coaching qualities are ,if the players you have, lack the required qualities to execute your philosophy on the pitch of play come match day, you will struggle and get eating up at the highest level like the EPL,ask Queens Park Rangers!

As I watched Chelsea deservingly beat a better defensively organised Arsenal side(relatively to last season when they lost 6-0) one could see that though Arsenal showed up with a credible tactic to play compact and narrow the room in the midfield to force Chelsea to be creative(before the 1-0 by Eden Hazard) the players seemed to lack something or discipline to put the master plan into play. Mezut Otzil comes to mind especially!

Chelsea on the other hand could count on the dribbling and passing qualities of Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas coupled with the bulldozing runs of Diego Costa to carry the day.

Manchester United, littered with hyper offensive players also want to play offensive under Van Gaal and dominate ball possession in Midfield (It fields Pure offense players:Van Persie,Di Maria, Mata,Falcao,at a go) But a major rule in achieving this is to have players who are not only good in passing, mobility and positioning, but above all great ball winners to deny the opponent of time on the ball and that is one quality that most Manchester players at the moment do not seem to exhibit!

Jose Mourinho, though a very “special” and problematic fellow seems to be way ahead his rivals in this respect. He has built his team around his own philosophy, that of compact defending and able to counter to win.

Based on this he bought a striker who can do it almost alone upfront in Diego Costa, a good passer of the ball in Fabregas to let loose this striker, a ‘pacy’ but physically solid offensive midfielder to run the side lines in André Schürrle, a mesmerizing dribbler in Hazard to not only create a overload by his dribbles but get fouled to win free kicks in tight result matches and hopefully score via free kicks (if not directly off Hazard himself as the first goal vs. Arsenal) and a compact defence line that suits ageing but solid Captain, John Terry. Top it up with an aggressive midfield line spearheaded by Matic in ball recovery.

Mourinho is leading the pack not necessarily because he is the best, but because he is the best at realizing that you are as good as your players and he plays a strategy that suits and brings out the qualities of his players!


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