What To Expect Of The Champions League Final

  As the season comes to a close, it is more than befitting that the two most surprising teams of this year’s Champions league, Chelsea and Bayern take each other on at the Allianz Arena of Munich for the title of Best Club in Europe 2012!

 Two most surprising teams for different reasons: Chelsea for the catastrophic way this season started out for them, that made very few, only the diehard Chelsea fans ever count them capable of reaching the Finals. Coupled with the fact that they had in their path to the finals the then all conquering Barcelona. Barcelona they eliminated in a resounding but unspectacular way to reach this years’ final.

 Bayern a surprise mainly due to the fact that they had real Madrid to contend with but that did not stop them getting to the dream final in their own stadium with Brio!

  Firstly in this final, we should expect the absence of certain key players and symbolic players too due to suspension or Injury. Chelsea: John Terry, Ramirez, Ivanovic and Raul Meireles

 Bayern: Luiz Gustavo,David Alaba & Holger  Badstuber. Both teams will be missing at least one central defender and a full back. So don’t be surprised to see an unusual defensive formation for both teams.


Expect to see two very motivated teams to win the most coveted club side trophy in Europe, but expect them to show this motivation in very distinctly different ways: Chelsea will almost definitely once again rely on their compact and defensive structure to carry the day, with Drogba lone up front and the link from others to him the ever present Mata!

  Bayern on the other hand will come out blazing and offensive not only by choice but more due to the fact that they psychologically are at home, are not used to playing otherwise and in reality do not have the players to play otherwise but effective, running, passing, technical and attacking football!

  Expect two very nervous teams and Club Managers/Coaches (Roberto Di Mateo of Chelsea & Juppe Heynckes of Bayern Munich) playing to save their football season 2012! Chelsea has in this regard less pressure and freight due to the fact they have just been crowned FA Cup champions in England. Bayern should they lose will have experienced, probably the most heartbreaking season of their club history. But Chelsea’s only route to champion’s league football for the next football season is through a victory. Having finished a disappointing 6th on the Premier league table.

 This by far in conclusion, is far from the Dream final or final most saw feasible at the beginning of this year’s champions league campaign, but like it or not, these are the best two teams in Europe 2012 and may the best team win!

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