How Juventus Can Break Barcelona


It is the most lucrative match in world club football: The European champion’s league final. The 2015 final edition sees The Italian Giants, Juventus trade tackles with Spanish Giants, Barcelona. This game is worth over 100 million Euros to the winner!

Barcelona and Juventus have both dominated their national leagues by both winning the double(league and Cup) respectively and though Juventus’ feet in Italy may be kind of understandable due to the relatively modest opposition they have had to face, the winning of the double by Barcelona has been phenomenal.

Phenomenal by the quality of the opposition they have had to outplay, the manner they went about it and the players they possess.

Barcelona possess Mega star players in Neymar Jr, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Iniesta whilst Juventus champion their course via star players, Paul Pogba, Carlos Tevez and Morata. This in my opinion makes Barcelona Clear favorites.

In Coach Allegri Juventus have experience and a sound tactical Coach but will that be enough to rival and stop the world’s currently most dreaded club from winning a Treble?

What do relative “underdogs”, Juventus need to do to down Star studded Barcelona?


Defense: Juventus need to defend like never before. How they do it is however important and decisive. Compact block behind to counter will be suicidal against a Messi led attack as he and Neymar will run rings around the defense and provoke lethal free kicks or score.

Defending high to stop the Barcelona defense from imposing their game from an elaborate buildup from the back could be effective but leaves so much space behind their defensive line and is also suicidal as the defense of Juventus is far from the quickest.

I believe a spirited combination of both could be useful.

Build up and Midfield: With Pogba’s return from injury Juventus are boosted in ball possession, recuperation and creativity. Arturo Vidal, Marchisio gives them steel and character and a combination of all three will be needed to break the Barcelona Roller coaster.

Attacking: Total dependence on just the spectacular Tevez and Morata combination could come short, but the attack version they employed as they trailed real Madrid at the second leg should make them dangerous.

Paul Pogba’s runs from midfield into attacking zones with his eye for goal and passing skills could hurt.

Do they have a chance?

This is a one game finale, anything can happen and this Barcelona side is not unbeatable.

Juventus got this far not because they were lucky but more because they are a solid team from the Coach to players and the supporting crew. Therefore they have a bright chance of winning the champions league 2015.

The problem is that in Neymar, Messi and Suarez, Barcelona possesses one of the most deadly attack line ever constituted in football. They are mobile, selfless, and hungry and get along exceptionally well.

Barcelona have a much better defense line in comparison to last season, seem to be on a mission to win the treble, with a midfield that though less creative as in the Xavi ,Iniesta, Busquets era, in the injection of Ivan Rakitic not only gives them more muscle but unpredictability.

Defensively Pique is no longer at liberty to wonder into the attack as was in the past but help solidify the central Defence.This has helped in giving more freedom of expression to the three deadly strikers mentioned above.

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Barcelona needs to play way below par and at the same time Juventus needs to play the game of their lives.

Juventus Needs to play the game of their lives to beat This Barcelona side come Final day.

Did I hear you say Juventus needs a Miracle?

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  • Michael M Udegbune says:

    Dear Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh,

    You must agree with me that the glorious era of Nigerian football at the international level was during your time with the Super Eagles. I mean the era spanning Tunisia 94 through USA’94, Atlanta 96 to France 98. Ever since, Nigerian Football has been in dramatic decline.

    Coincidentally some of the people you played with at either club level or international level are in charge of their country’s football organisation in one role or the other both in Africa and Europe.

    My question then is:

    (1) Why are you and your colleagues not in control of football administration/organisation in Nigeria?

    (2) Or how best do you think that Nigerian football could be returned to its past glory without the involvement of people like you and those of your era?

    Yours sincerely,

    Michael M Udegbune

    Michael M Udegbune
    41 Warner Avenue
    St. Helen Auckland,
    Bishop Auckland
    Co. Durham

    • Thanks for your heartfelt questions,i agree with you that we all need to chip in a bit to get Nigeria up again,but believe me it’s not that we do not want to hel^p out,it’s more the fact that they won’t let us..

      • Charles Ugiagbe says:

        How do yo hope to cope with this Challenging job of the coach of the super eagles?

        Charles Ugiagbe
        Midland Tx

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