Germans set To Wage War In England!


It’s a world premiere! Never in the history of European football has an European Champions league final had two German teams vie for the honours.2013 is the year that record will be set.

Arguably the two best teams in Europe : Borussia Dortmund & Bayern Munich, square up in the heart of London (Wembley stadium) to square out who is crowned European Champions 2013 .

Will it be last year’s losing finalists and the clear favourites to most ;Bayern Munich?  or the youthful, fresh and consecutively crowned German champions  Borussia Dortmund?

We acquaint you with these 2 phenomenal teams:


These are completely different personalities with very little in common except for the most important factor, – they are extremely successful!

Jupp Heynckes (Bayern Munich) As a player he was a superstar, played prominently for then German champions Borussia Monchengladbach and the 1974  World cup winning German National Team!

As a Coach he was won National Titles, and the Champions League with Real Madrid. A father figure kind of a Coach and chooses his words before speaking!


Jürgen Klopp (Bvb Dortmund) As A player never made it into the 1st Division but holds the record of Appearances for  Mainz 05 in the German second division.

Made his name as a coach at Mainz and his TV tactical analysis during the 2006 World cup in Germany made him a favourite with viewers as he showed a wealth of tactical knowledge that eventually helped him land the job as Dortmund Coach.

At Dortmund he has exploded and taken the club from near bankruptcy to back to back League champions and Cup winners 2012 all at the expense of Bayern Munich.

Rarely does he shave or look comfortable in a suit, but has a “lively” attitude on the sidelines and his team lives off this and he is the fans favourite and kind of like a Rock star coach.

     Team Playing Tactics/Style


munich beveledBayern Munich: They are definitely the “total football”  team of the year ; Aggressive, physical, technical and able to play possession or defensive football and have completely dominated the German League this year! The Champions league has been a walk in the park and Barcelona are witnesses to their strenght, demolished by a 7-0 goal humiliation and players to watch? every player in this team is classy!

The Champions league 2012/2013  saw Bayern add all round “pressing” off the ball and a game very similar to that practised by Barcelona but with much more physical presence of pressing football and complete domination of the opponent into their game plan!

The Presence of Mandzukich upfront has given Bayern so much options in the way they attack. Gone is the search of just  aerial balls to score and added is combination of passes and technical gests to score. They are now more unpredictable!

Borussia Dortmund Road To Wembley

bvb-DortmundBVB Dortmund: This is a youthful team with so much flair and youthful play. They are masters of counter attacking football and they can also play spectacularly and hold ball possession when need be! The way they crushed Real Madrid at the home game in dortmund  (4-1) was a reminder to what they are capable of doing!

When Dortmund go on the attack they have several players running in a well timed synchronised manner forwards into space to provide options for the player on the ball it unlocks defence lines everywhere they play! A beauty to watch!

At the same time attention is given to the eventuality of losing the ball, hence pressing play is applied by everyone nearest to the opponent they lose the ball to.

This team is all about Movement and unpredictability! Attention is given to detail and the star of the team is more the team and the coach, jurgen Kloppe.

                     Weak Points.

Munich’s  number one weakness for this final will definitely be their “favourites tag” syndrome. Most people already have them crowned as champions and this could be a big obstacle ! Have they celebrated too soon?

They are being hailed by Germans as the best Bayern Munich Team of all time!  how the players deal with this could be a weakness before coronation!

The central defence line is solid but static!  Lack of mobility could do them in but they were able to mask this when they took on mighty Barcelona, problem is Dortmund is  a team that knows them better than Barcelona!

Luxury of who to play: this team has 18 players capable of all being first team choices not only at Bayern but in Europe! Chosing the starting Eleven could be dicey!

Dortmund: Two dortmund stars (Striker Lewandowski and Playmaker Goetze) are set to join Bayern Munich! How will they handle this intriguing unusual scenario is a puzzler.

These players have been instrumental to Dortmund’s success in recent years but Goetze limped off at the semi finals injured and his presence is still in doubt!

Dortmund has 13 top players and any physical knocks picked up before this game will be felt more than their opponents. They do not have a rich reserve bench  

Inexperience at such a great stage could be a hindrance. 12 months ago Munich were here with majority of the same players and know what it is like to prepare for this, No Dortmund player, coach or technical crew member has ever witnessed a champions league final.

The stress factor that this young team has to bear will and how they deal with it will be a determining factor!


Our Take:

This is a title for Dortmund to win and for Bayern Munich to lose! Munich’s  performance Vs. Barcelona at the semi-finals was phenomenal and not only told the world how good they can be, but also put up a huge pressure on their backs.

Both teams have met four times this season with two draws and 2 victories going the Munich way (One at the FA Cup level and the other at the season opening Super cup).

Note must be made that at this point a year ago, Bayern Munich were crushed  5-0 at the cup Finals in Berlin as Dortmund claimed the FA cup.

This is a final and as last year’s champions league finals (Chelsea vs Bayern Munich)taught us, you dare not predict the winner.

Should Munich win it will be expected but a loss will be a heavy dent in all the incessant festivities they have been having  for over a month now!

One thing is for sure,Come final day,there will be a minimum 60,000 Germans flooding the streets of london, Hope the English Beer parlours and Bars did not forget to stock up!


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