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betv-belgium(ANALYST & CONSULTANT)

BeTv is Belgium’s leading pay per view TV station. Previously known as Canal Plus Belgium and a sister station of CANAL PLUS France. It prides itself as a pioneer in many TV segments in Belgium.

Collaboration as an analyst & consultant for BeTv debuted in 2006.

Our services to Betv cover At BeTv the English Premier League, English FA Cup, The German Bundesliga, the Spanish Primera Division, the Dutch league, the Italian league, the Belgian league and especially the ever prestigious Champions League.

The normal work procedure consists of breaking down the game live at the BETV studios in Brussels. Pre- game analysis (the teams’ line up, possible tactics and results) half time analysis and post game summary.

At half time breaks we analyse the actions, team tactics, strong and weak points of each team and comment on why we feel the game is unfolding like it is.

Effort is made to try to educate our viewers on the technical options available from a professional’s point of view, giving the viewer inside views and an idea of what to expect and the technical details that are inherent in each game.

Being an ex professional soccer player of Major leagues in the world and coupled with our Professional licensed coaching badges we are also able to give viewers the insights and commentaries from a Coach’s point of view.

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