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bbcThe BBC (The British Broadcasting Corporation) is the largest broadcasting organisation in the world.

With it’s World Service broadcasts to the world on radio, on TV and online, it provides news and information in 32 languages & said to be Funded by a government grant.

BBC SPORT BBC Sport is the sports division of the BBC. It became a fully dedicated division of the BBC in 2000. BBC Sport’s website is also the UK’s biggest and most popular sport website and for this particular service we are most involved with.

Our Collaboration and service rendering to the BBC started with the 2004 African Nations Cup. Collaborating with The BBC as a soccer pundit on major soccer events too.Giving critical and impartial views on international football matters to enlighten viewers, listeners and readers on trends, changes and issues.

We have provided services as soccer pundit for the 2004, 2006 and 2008 African Nations cup respectively. On a regular basis we are honoured that the BBC consults us on interesting topics related to the World Cup, the European leagues, the prestigious Champions league, African football and many other soccer related events as we strive to be a worthy representing force for footballers in general and Africa in particular.

     BBC TV

It is always a pleasure and honor to consult for the BBC. Analyzing and simplifying soccer for the public viewers is Fun . Having been a Pro. soccer player at the highest level, I feel it is important trying to communicate and transmit how pro. players think, feel and how they cope with the pressure before, during and after a game.

Our objective is to get viewers to try to get into the skin of their own preferred player and team.

Below are links to Some of our services rendered for the BBC, more are available on the BBC Website:

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