Barcelona Vs Real : The Winner……

    This might be the best game of the season. With Barcelona and Real Madrid having surprisingly been beaten in their first leg Champions league Semi-finals encounters at the mid week, they will be both anxious to renew with winning ways. In fact I felt this coming game kind of handicapped them mentally at the mid week games. I am not giving them excuses because I feel Bayern Munich and Chelsea were deserved winners but they seemed at times unlike their usual selves (Barcelona & Madrid I mean

     Five reasons why the winner of the all important ‘El Classico’ tomorrow should be Barcelona!

 1, The Venue: (at the Nou Camp, Barcelona): Barcelona feel this is their secret weapon. The pitch is probably the longest and widest in the world. Lots of space for Barcelona to play the ball around and find through passes to open up Madrid?s defense. This will be difficult for Madrid to play compact and keep their goal protected!

2. Josep Guardiola: He seems to have the key to this Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid. In 2 years of several confrontations he has lost only once and psychologically seems to hold an edge over Mourinho. His tactical organization and control of Barcelona should help them carry the day

3, The Fear factor: It is no secret that just some few weeks ago Madrid lead Barcelona by Ten points! The thought of the catastrophic effect a defeat at the hands of Barcelona and an almost certain loss of the league title will have on the whole Real Madrid outfit will cost them. The fear factor also of having often lost to Barcelona could cripple Madrid players.

4, Lionel Messi: On Wednesday in the champions league encounter vs. Chelsea, a rare ball loss by Messi gave Chelsea the ball to win the game. Messi therefore, I feel, has revenge boiling in him and this player is often at his best when he has such a point to prove. This Magician could very well give us a show worth remembering tomorrow night again.

5. Real Madrid?s Defense: With Carvahlo still injured and the ever faltering quartet of Albiol,Pepe,Ramos and Marcello still at large as we once again saw on Tuesday Vs Bayern Munich, I feel this weak link of Madrid will be exposed again tomorrow.


    5 Reasons Why the Winner should be Madrid.

1.      1.Jose Mourinho: this world class tactician has been relatively quiet lately and he has what it takes to beat Guardiola’s Barcelona when it most matters, as he has proven in the recent past at Inter Milan, the Spanish Copa del Rey and the second half performance they put up against Barcelona in the last Copa Del Rey encounter was impressive.

2.      2.Cristiano Ronaldo: This man knows that this game could be the turning point in his quest to wrestle the World’s best player accolade from Messi. A win here and a great performance from Ronaldo will go a long way in putting him back up there where he wants to be. His rediscovered free kick goals could be decisive.

3.      3.The Absence of Eric Abidal: unfortunately for Barcelona and the world of football lovers this great Barcelona full back’s liver transplant means he will be absent. Ever since his exit we have noticed a relative uncertainty in the Barcelona Defense. His replacement Adriano, whilst very enterprising when going forwards is shaky defensively and this should be an advantage for Madrid.

4.      4.Madrid’s game of the season: This is the game of their lives and there is no room for failure.

This realization should spur Madrid players to at least for once imitate Chelsea?s do or die defending and carry the day. Knowing quite well that a draw at this stage is synonymous to being Champions of Spain 2012!

5.      5. The Games Venue: Should this game be played in Madrid, to some extent the Madrid players would feel obliged to at least attack a bit to pacify their fans. The venue being in Barcelona gives them the opportunity to be as negative as they want to be and get away with it


Having gone through both teams claims which do you think is the most concrete one? Enjoy the game tomorrow Night and may the best team win. I guess you know who I am rooting for 😀



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